I’ll admit it: I couldn’t get Heroku working as a cloud host for this website, which is built on Pelican, a Python-based static site generator. I could blame it on Windows (not likely), or a general lack of me knowing what I’m doing (moar likely), but the bottom line is that I got some strange errors when I tried to use Heroku’s instructions. Fortunately, there was an easier place to host this site for free on another PAAS platform: Appfog.

Here’s the gist: After registering at Appfog and dowloading the Appfog command-line client (Note: You’ll need to install Ruby), create a new PHP application. That’s it. To deploy your static app, open up a commany line and type af login, which will prompt you for the email and password you used to register your app.

Next, move to your Pelican site’s output folder. Once there, type af update my_app_name, where “my_app_name” is the name of your Appfog PHP app.

Even better, add these two lines to the bottom of your Pelican Makefile:

# Add the following to Makefile in your site's root directory
    af update my_app_name --path $(OUTPUTDIR)

To deploy the site, type make appfog to run the command.

Read a summary of Appfog’s command line tools.